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Overheard at the Bistro

What's the latest at lunch? What's the dish during dinner? Here's where you'll find out what's new in the food world, from new temptations in the market to new cookbooks in your bookstore's cuisine section. Check in frequently for updates. After all, news is like food — you want to get it when it's fresh!


Disposable Thermometers As the heat rises for cooks during the holidays, the thermometers that cool things off are poultry thermometers. You can purchase disposable meat and seafood thermometers, however, a disposable thermometer may not be the choice for the conscientious cook.

Some cooks prefer the new digital thermometers. Unlike dial thermometers, digital thermometers measure the temperature at a precise spot in the food. Thus, no guessing games. The Thermistor actually "feels" the temperature, allowing an accurate reading of the meat instantly. Other thermometers, such as dial thermometers, just give the temperature of the probe itself, which is different from the temperature of the meat.

We like the one pictured here because it allows you to program your own temperatures instead of choosing from a fixed menu. Also, an alarm sounds when the temperature is reached. Known as the Digital Thermometer and Fork, it's a cinch to program and turns off automatically to conserve the AAA batteries it operates on. The fork is made by Component Design Northwest, Inc., a company out of Portland, Oregon, which is becoming known for its revolutionary kitchen thermometers. For more information, contact CDN at 800-338-5594.


Here's the Rub

Fast Food in the Holiday KitchenHow many times have you shunned a recipe that calls for a demi-glaze, that thick, rich, intense stock reduction that takes hours to prepare? Sauces are important to the lavish holiday dinners you want to create, yet can be a snap with pre-made, classic French stock reductions that are available at specialty stores and some supermarkets. The most popular brand is More Than Gourmet, featuring demi-glazes made from roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, and even roasted duck. These demi-glazes bring new meaning to fast food for gourmets.

Pasta Primadonna

Turkey!If you want to purchase a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you need to mark your calendar now. Birds that have never been frozen must be ordered in advance at the supermarket, usually a week or so before Thanksgiving (plan to pick up the day before your dinner). Fresh birds usually cost 20 to 30 cents more per pound.

Consider seasoning your fresh bird on the inside as well as the outside. Stainless steel injection basters (available at kitchen supply stores) allow you to add fruit juices or flavored butters, for example, to the meat, keeping it intensely flavored and moist.





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